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Looking for a to maximise your company advertising?

Have you ever thought of inflatable “Ballon Advertising” it really works, we have created advertising for some of the largest companies across Europe:

The most popular form of inflatable advertising that we specialise in is the inflatable “Advertising Ballon” they stand out from mile around and are available in a huge range of colours, unlike many other forms of inflatable advertising with an inflatable Ballon the advertising or logo is available all way round:

These advertising ballon can be much lower prices than conventional advertising banners, and can be used over and over again:

Sizes are available from a small 2m Ballon all the way up to the 10m sizes:



We can supply any desired structure, simply send your images and from there we create the 3D mock up, sees are optional and subject to your requirements, big or small! Advertising your company air brand is always tricky, you have so many options – truly consider an inflatable advertising structure, they stand out for miles, have the wow factor, make an impact, pin point your location from anywhere!

Art work is prepared as below for order confirmation, from this point we generate a FREE 3D mock up for you for your approval.

Other Forms of Inflatable Advertising Include:

Fast Food Inflatable Promotions

We can create inflatable food products, inflatable apples, bananas , pineapples, oranges, pretty much any fruit you need, simple.

Fast Food Inflatable Promotion

Do you have a cafe or fast food outlet? if so inflatable the inflatable advertising strutter can draw your customers in! any structure from coffee cups to fast food shapes.

Food Inflatable Promotion Structures

Got a shop, a local food shop of any sorts can benefit from inflatable food structures, stand out from your completion, get seen from the road side!

Pub and Restaurant Inflatable Promotion

We can create wine bottles, beer cans, glasses, or pub building inflatables!

Car and Truck Sales Inflatable Promotion

Do you own a garage, or a cars sales dealership? ever thought of a large inflatable car on your building? or buy the road side? we can create any car or truck.

Sports Promotional Infallible Structures

If you have a sporting event to promote or have a great idea to showcase at a sporting event then we can help, foot balls, giant sports players, rugby balls, and sports equipment!



Advertising your company can be tricky, often a simple sign on a road side, or out side your business can get over looked, Here at UK we truly understand marketing, and have a fantastic in house graphics and marketing team, we look closely at your company requirements for advertising, from a basic 3D inflatable design we can create beautiful designs that can be placed anywhere to catch the eye:

Road Sides, roof tops, events, shop fronts, car forecourts, parking areas, parks, sporting stadiums, car race tracks, show grounds, open water areas, beach, and sea fronts, large town centres , shopping centres, large super markets, airports, train stations and the list simple goes on!